Sku: 10000DTE040
Archival Number: A10
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1940
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Being Something (fragment) probably, on multiplicity.

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We have already noted that the type-nature requires a multitude of instances for its nature to function fully.

It follows that the more material the nature, the greater the need of the multiplicity. Further, the greater the need of the multiplicity, the more the intelligibility of the nature will be found in the solidary aspect of action and passion, that is, in action and passion as a multiple interdependence. In other words, the intelligibility of the nature will be exhibited as the intelligibility of a field of instances of the nature.

Let us consider, then, a number of material beings in so far as their action is the mutual causation of local motion.

First, there arises the question of the limitation of such causation. For such causation is an intelligible; what is caused is simply the change of velocity; but the changc of velocity in itself