De processione Spiritus Sancti secundum operationem voluntatis in Encyclica Leonis XIII ‘Divinum illud Munus’
Sku: 10000DTL030
Archival Number: A1
Author: Filograssi, I.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1930
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Handwriting by BL on back cover regarding Incarnation and real distinction of essence and existence (see A Second Collection 265: "Bernard Leeming's course on the Incarnate Word ... convinced me that there could not be a hypostatic union without a real distinction between essence and existence"). In 1978 in the Q&A session at the Lonergan Workshop, Lonergan said, 'I had the intellectual conversion myself when in doing theology I saw that you can’t have one person in two natures in Christ unless there is a real distinction between the natures and something else that is one.' It has impressed me over the years that this piece, with the handwritten notes, may have been placed first in the archives precisely for this reason. It is a record of Lonergan's intellectual conversion. -- RD


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Handwritten by BL on back cover: Exsistentia non est perfectio quod sed quo--unde Christus sine exsistentia humana est verus homo--est verus homo ratione essentiae humanae--exsistit exsistentia Verbi