Peter Hoenen, On the Problem of Necessity in Geometry
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Author: P. Hoenen
Language(s): English translation of 10180DTL030
Decade: 1930
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An English translation of Hoenen, De problemate necessitatis geometricae, Gregorianum. Influential on Lonergan'd development.


3, 5-6: 1540>5040 (twice)

9, 12: add after 'numbers.': The following number is always defined by its arising from the preceding number by the addition of '1.'

15, -7: add after 'arise.': The exactitude that is present in the judgments of the mind was already present in the sense data. Only necessity was lacking in this sense knowledge. But in geometry there is a twofold question; besides the problem of necessity there is a problem of exactitude.

17, 4: add after 'considered.': Thus what geometry discovers has its validity immediately from bodies as extended, since it is derived from these.

22, 10: close parentheses after 'chain.'

29, -1: and > are

31, 6: theory > our theory

31, -4: underline 'every'

31, 1, and several places on 32: supposition > supposit

32, -13: These > There

33, 13: in judgment > in this judgment


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