Horizon as the Problem of Philosophy
Sku: 12200A0E050
Archival Number: CD/mp3 122
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950


CD/mp3 122, the second part of the fifth and final lecture on existentialism, including questions. Corresponds to CWL 18, pp. 310-17 and 360-65. The multiplicity of horizons as an issue calling for judgment and decision is a philosophic question. We ask whether some horizon is the field, coincident with the imits of all there is, and how that can be determined. The justification for such a claim can be found only in the subject as subject. The meaning of subject as subject, of consciousness as a kind of presence, is explained, and contrasted with the subject as object. Insight shows how this reality provides the foundations for a metaphysics. Questions centered mainly around clarification of the notion of the subject as subject.

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