Understanding and Being lecture 8:1
Sku: 15100A0E050
Archival Number: CD/mp3 151
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950


CD/mp3 151, second part of eighth Halifax lecture on Insight. The first part of this lecture was not recorded but is reconstructed in CWL 5: 181-88. This recording corresponds to CWL 5: 188-99. Sponsored by Prof. Francis McLaughlin. Being is the completely universal and the completely concrete. It is a concern with the universe as opposed to a world determined by a Sorge. It is concerned with a synthesis. If being is everything about everything, a notion of metaphysics has to be of similar dimensions. So metaphysics is the department of human knowledge that underlies, penetrates, transforms, and unifies all other departments. It is conceived in terms of integration. Metaphysics has three stages: implicit, problematic, and explicit. It is implicit in everyone. Everyone is an instance of empirical, intelligent, rational consciousness, and the structure of metaphysics is based on this affirmation. In the problematic stage, the need for making the implicit explicit is felt but not met. Metaphysics becomes explicit when the implications of the desire to know and its unfolding are worked out with regard to the structure of reality and the unification of knowledge. Explicit metaphysics is the conception, affirmation, and implementation of the integral heuristic structure of proportionate being. Proportionate being is differentiated from being in general by the experiential element. What that being is, is to be answered by the sciences. But the sciences are heuristic, and there is also a total heuristic structure. The total goal is being, everything about everything.

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