Understanding and Being Discussion 5:2
Sku: 15800A0E050
Archival Number: CD/mp3 158
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950


CD/mp3 158, second part of fifth discussion session at Halifax lectures on Insight. Corresponds to CWL 5: 380-94. Sponsored by Merlyn Dunnigan-Frattini in memory of brother Bobby. The pure desire to know sets up exigences that are beyond our capacity for fulfilment. Grace is a remedy for moral impotence and an introduction to God's gratuitous self-donation. The gift of charity sets up a further good of order in this world. But religious development must be concomitant with cultural development. The problem of history as a science is extremely complex. The quest of the historical Jesus has a mistaken aim: not truth, but reconstituting the image of the past, the cinema of the past, and the soundtrack of the past, without the evidence for doing so. There can also be an approach to history in terms of truth. A question was raised whether Lonergan puts the cart before the horse. Lonergan says he's putting the cart before the horse for people who know by taking a look. Insofar as being is what is to be known by intelligent grasp and reasonable affirmation, then being is intelligible, because the intelligible is just what is grasped. In response to a further question Lonergan argues that the three acts have not the same content. Further, our minds are capable by understanding and judging to know what is really is because they are created participations of uncreated light.

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