Grace and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1940
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2 pp. on grace and the Exercises. Perhaps earlier version of notes that constitute A161. 

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Grace and the Spiritual Exercises 164


1 Disputed that Ig paid any attention to grace

   I have no interest in this controversy: its only ground is the existence of Jesuits who know little about grace, conduct the spiritual exercises as if they knew nothing about it.

   Lawlor, Doctrine of Grace in the S E, TS 3 1942 513-32

   My interest is positive: attempt to awaken your interest in grasping synthetically, concretely, the doctrine, nature, effects of grace, and its relevance to SE, one’s own and those of others.


2 Grace: not a set of abstractions on which some schematic and superficial knowledge needed for exams

              not a set of rules for theologically correct speech

              but that by which, that which makes it really true, that we, the whole of us, body and soul, biologically, sensitively, intellectually, voluntarily, are living members of Xt Jesus


3 Begin with the conspicuous instance

(a) Gratia plena, Ds tecum

(b) Poulain, transforming union, ch. XIX, 283 ff.

      Permanent union w God: (vision of Trinity, some attribute)

      Continuous double life (ordinary living, life of contemplation)

(c) Reached through stages

      prayer of simplicity, quietude, union, ecstasy


4 Diving inhabitation, supernatural elevation, habits, actual are true of every soul in the state of grace

   Further, they are manifested

(a) avoidance of moral sin, habitual deliberate venial, delib venial sin

     If any man love me, he will keep my commandments, and I and my Father will love him and come to him and abide with him

     Even just need special help to avoid mortal for notable period

(b) inspirations of intellect, aspirations of will

      vocation, times of retreat, 2nd conversion

(c) Consolations and desolations

      Grace operating, affecting tone of consciousness, one factor in many, yet calling the tune

       St. Ig. Annot 6: if nothing happening, are you playing game

(d) docility to Holy Spirit

      purification of conscience character

      illuminations and aspirations of HS become noticeable

      election by rules for discernment of spirits. 2nd time, for El

      de Guibert, p 122-61


Grace is the meaning of the Exercises


(a) Exercises

     Grace is a mystery; you can know about it abstractly through theology; but to know about it concretely, you have to live the life of grace’ you have your own private well, at which you alone can drink, and you have to drink at it.

     Not what is humility, but how you arrive, poverty, humiliations

     Nor what is love, but how you may pray towards loving


(b) Book of Exercises: Urdirektorium

      Gagliardi: practically everything left to prudence of director

                       soul is increasing in life if grace under experienced guidance


(c) Grace is life in Xt

      remove hard egoism: 1st week

      imitate Xt: other weeks


(d) Rule of giving points.

      Annot 2: non abundantia scientiae sed sensus et gustus interior