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Author: Doran, R.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970
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Bundle of articles by Robert Doran in envelope with typed list by BL, some markings


#1                    Offprint of “Paul Ricouer: Toward the Restoration of Meaning” by Robert M. Doran, S. J.  Anglican Theological Review (October 1973): 443-458;  BL’s marginal highlights throughout [note M. Eliade’s name highlighted, p. 446].


#2                    Reprint of “Psychic Conversion” by Robert M. Doran, Thomist XLI2 (April, 1977): 200-36; notations in script on p. 208-09, marginal highlights throughout especially 230-1.


#3                    Reprint of “Subject, Psyche, and Theology’s Foundations” R. M. Doran, Journal of Religion 57/3 (July, 1977): 267-87; see BL’s marginal highlights, p. 275 (affections).


#4                    Reprint of “Aesthetic Subjectivity and Generalized Method” Thomist 43/2 (April, 1979): 257-278.


#5                    Offprint “Jungian Psychology and Lonergan’s Foundations: A Methodological Proposal by R. Doran.  Journal of American Academy of Religion XLVII/I, Supplement (March, 1979).


#6                    Photocopy of offprint of “Aesthetics and Opposites” Thought 52 (June, 1977): 117-33; BL’s marginal notations throughout, especially p. 131.


#7                    Offprint of “Aesthetics and Opposites” Thought 52 (June, 1977): 117-33


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