The Method of Theology 5:2
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960

CD/mp3 310, second part of fifth lecture in the 1962 Institute 'The Method of Theology.' Sponsored by Rev. Conrad Dietz. The second lecture on July 13 continues the discussion of extrinsicism and also covers the topic of immanentism, the other extreme. It locates true judgment as the dividing line, with extrinsicism and immanentism on either side. Besides the deductivist and operational extrinsicism that were discussed in the first lecture on this day, there are two other forms: metaphysical extrinsicism and intuitionist extrinsicism. Metaphysical extrinsicism is concerned with things, neither in their relations to us nor in their relations to one another, but in themselves, before any operation of the mind. Metaphysical extrinsicism is 'the idea that the real is something out there all by itself, quite apart from any knower, and knowers know it without knowing it.' And intuitionist extrinsicism answers the question, What is the possibility of knowing an object? by saying that we know objects because we see them; unless we have something like seeing, there is no possibility of knowing an object. This same intuitionist conviction brings Gilson to an intuitive but na

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