The Method of Theology Discussion 5
Sku: 32800A0E060
Archival Number: CD/mp3 328
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960

CD/mp3 328, fifth discussion in the 1962 Institute 'The Method of Theology.' Sponsored by Regis College Jesuit Community, Toronto. What would you say to the truth or falsity of the proposition, 'Not all thematization is dogmatic evolution, but all dogmatic evolution is thematization?' It's perfectly true. It is only insofar as there is a whole series of thematizations involving similar topics that you start getting further questions. Is the dogma of the Assumption a matter of thematization? There are no new categories but a new application that states something explicitly and places it within the dogmatic-theological context. It is not typical of dogmatic evolution. Nor does it move from commonsense to theory in any notable sense. But in general dogmatic evolution does not reach the level of pure theory. The degree of thematization differs in different cases. The fundamental developments are trinitarian, christological, and the idea of the supernatural. In the fields of church and sacraments the categories are not yet adequately developed. Could the present study be called philosophy of theology rather than method of theology? The methodical account given here includes the act of faith. If you want to call it philosophy of theology, you have to add on a qualification. The fundamental thing is that interiority is the field from which basic terms and relations are found. Foundations are not just philosophical, however. That is the position of Dum

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