An Outline of Circulation Analysis
Sku: 33000DTE040
Archival Number: A330
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1940
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45 pages, the first headed, An Outline of Circulation Analysis. These are not consecutive, and show intermittently the use of two different typewriter ribbons. The first two sections are headed, 1. View-point, and 2. Method. Then it jumps to 7. The Exchange Economy. A wrapper with handwritten notes envelops the pages from 15 to the end of the file. Pp. 18-19 have handwritten notes on the reverse. Section 8, Prices, begins on p. 18, reverting to the lighter ribbon of the opening pages. But 20, continuous in content with 19, has again the darker ribbon. Sec. 9, Circuit Velocities, begins on 25. Another 9, Circulation Trends, starts on 41, with the lighter ribbon. Incomplete.

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