Preface to INSIGHT
Sku: 35000DTE050
Archival Number: A350
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of the preface of INSIGHT. Pages are numbered i-xiii. Interesting to note that BL's own typescript uses American spelling. E.g., colors, odors.

The following differences from the published text appear:


Published Text (1957 1st edition) page (henceforth pt)

ix, line 5 (typescript--henceforth ts--p. i): is,


pt ix, l. 14 (ts p. i): `commonly' added by hand


pt ix, l. -12 (ts p. ii): no comma after `Still'


pt x, l. 3 (ts p. iii): `the' before `mathematicians'', but crossed out


pt x, l. 18 (ts p. iv): `in some sense a knowledge of knowledge and so a philosophy. Indeed, as I now must endeavor to indicate, it is a philosophy that corresponds to some of


Same line (tx p. v): `Indeed, it seems a knowledge ...' `Seems' crossed out, `is' typed above it


pt x, l. 21 (ts p. v): `that fall short of proof.'


pt xii, l. -1 (ts p. viii): `beyond the most elementary statements'


pt xiii, l. 4 (ts p. viii): `a ship or' added by hand


pt xiii, l. 11 (ts p. viii): no commas around `however'


pt xiii, l. -6 (ts p. ix): `There remains only the question, What practical good can come of this book?  It is a difficult question to answer.  Until recently it would have been regarded as


pt xv, l. 8 (ts p. xii): `of the objective and structure'; `objective' is crossed out and `aim' written above it


pt xi, l. 18 (ts p. xii): `where the underlying historical investigation ...'; `underlying' is crossed out, and `parallel' written above it


pt xv, l. -1 (ts p. xiii): comma after `remarks'



The reverse of pages x and xi of ts show a fragment of an earlier version of BL's response to the question of the practical value of the book (A351).

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