INSIGHT: Chapter Two: Heuristic Structures of Empirical Method
Sku: 35400DTE050
Archival Number: A354
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Chap. 2 of INSIGHT. Black carbon copy. Numbered in type 75-107

pt 34, subheading. In ts, `Dissimilarities.' is handwritten.


pt 35, subheading. In ts, `Classical Heurustic Structures.' is handwritten.


pt 36, subheadings. In ts, `An Illustration from Algebra.' and `"Nature"' are handwritten.


pt 37, subheading. In ts, `Classification and Correlation.' is handwritten.


pt 38, subheading. In ts, `Differential Equations.' is handwritten.


pt 39, line 5: `into gas' is crossed out in ts, comma put by hand after `vanishing'.


pt 40, linen 8: `same' is added by hand in ts.


pt 40, line 40 (ts 86): beginning with `principles ...' ts has at top of page, [NB First 86 of six], indicating a change from an earlier ms.


pt 41, line -2 (ts third 86 of six): ts lacks `incidentally'.


pt 44, line -10: the series of pages numbered 86 ends with the word `differential' in this line.


pt 44, line -1 (ts 87): `transformations' is `transformation' in ts.


pt 46, line -15 (ts 89): ts had `Accordingly' for `Hence,' but `Accordingly' was crossed out by hand and `Hence' follows upon it immediately, typed.


pt 46, line -8: There are 8 pages numbered 90, again indicating a change. They begin with `situation, and' in line -8 of page 46 in pt.  At the top it is indicated `[First 90 of eight]'. 


pt 50, line 3 (ts fifth 90): `Now' reads `For' in typescript. `For non-systematic process as a whole possesses a spatio-temporal unity ...'


pt 51, line 1 (ts sixth 90): ts had, `For "random" may be defined as "any whatever provided ..."' This is changed by hand in ts.


pt 51, line 12 (ts sixth 90): `situation' is added by hand in ts.


pt 52, line -14: the eight pages 90 end with this paragraph, `... for that resolution.'


pt 53, line 7 (ts 91): ts had `... cannot be the science of what exists; in other words, there can be no ...' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 54, line -15 (ts 94): at `inquiry deemed relevant.' ts had at top of page `[First 94 of three] not in carbon, but this is crossed out, and there is only one page 94.


pt 55, line 11 (ts 95): at `are determinate', ts has at top of page `[First 95 of four]', and there are 4 pages numbered 95, corresponding to pt 55-58.


pt 55, line 18 (ts first 95): `to argue' is added by hand in ts.


pt 58, line 5 (ts fourth 95): the pages 95 end with `he does not find' in this line.


pt 58, line -13 (ts 96): the word, constant, in the sentence, `Now if there exists ...' is added by hand in ts.


pt 58, line -5 (ts 97): There are 4 pp. numbered 97, beginning with the paragraph, `The foregoing ...' They correspond to 58-61 in pt.


pt 59, line 14 (ts first 97): ts had, `It follows that the selection of representative samples is the basic practical problem of statistical inquiry ...' Ts suggests the rearrangement that appears in pt.


pt 60, line -17 (ts third 97): ts had `... just as the limit we considered under consideration lies beyond more terms ...' Changes made by hand in ts.


pt 61, line 17 (ts fourth 97): ts had `It is a random selection inasmuch as it is any whatever ...' Changed by hand in its.


pt 61, line 23 (ts fourth 97): ts had `... every reason to assert that tossing a coin is not a systematic process.'  Changed by hand in ts.


pt 61, line -9 (ts fourth 97): the fourth page 97 ends with the closing of this paragraph (`content of the sequence.')


pt 64, line 10 (ts 101): `of rates of relative actual frequencies' reads in ts: `of rates or of relative actual frequencies'. No changes are made in ts.


pt 64, line -16 (ts 102): There are 2 pp. numbered 102, beginning with `only from below' in this line.  They correspond to 64-66.


pt 66, line 3 (ts second 102): the second page 102 ends with the end of this paragraph (`relative actual frequencies.')


pt 68, line 2 (ts 105): ts read, `Indeed that fallacy would wreck our analysis: for we have granted that single events may be deducible and, in that sense, certain yet the same events as a group may form a coincidental aggregate and so, when investigated with the generality made possible by statistical'. This is crossed out beginning with `would wreck'.  This is at the bottom of page 105.  Page 106 begins with `would wreck,' and the version found in pt appears in ts. 


pt 69, line 12 (ts 107): This sentence read in ts: `Chapters IX and X will tackle the problems of critical judgment to explain to impatient readers what they have been about ...' This is changed by hand in ts.  And the next sentence read, `Chapters XI to XVII endeavor to grasp within a single view the totality of views on knowledge, objectivity, and reality, for all proceed from the empirical, intellectual, and rational consciousness of the concrete subject.' This is changed in ts, except that the word, Finally, with which the pt begins is not added in ts, and the word `all', which does not appear in pt, is left in ts.

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