Insight: Chapter 8
Sku: 36000DTE050
Archival Number: A360
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Insight, Chapter 8. Blue carbon except for short additions.  Ts is numbered at the top, in hand, 412-452, and typed, 1-41.  Numbering here follows the handwritten numbers.


pt 245, line -1 (ts 413): ts reads, `...not directly in' --this is probably a typing mistake, since `on' appears in the next two phrases.


pt 246, line 20 (ts 414): the word, on, is underlined in light pencil in ts, with a penciled checkmark in left margin. Was someone saying it should be `of'?


pt 247, line 22 (ts 416): ts does not have the word, a, before `new creation'.


pt 248, last paragraph (ts 418): paragraph originally read, `May we note, once for all, that we shall employ the terms, "exist", "existence", in the foregoing sense. When occasion arises to discuss existentialist philosophy, confusion will be avoided by using the German name, "Existenz", to denote the notion peculiar to the view.' The version that appears in pt is pasted over the original paragraph.


pt 249, line -6 (ts 419): final quote marks are inside period in ts in the phrase, `constituent of reality'.


pt 252, line 2 (ts 423): ts originally had, `... not so much an intelligible unity grasped in data as individual, but rather an "already out there now real" ...' This is changed by hand to what appears in pt.


pt 253, line 18 (ts 425): ts had, `They are opposed, for one is through intelligent and reasonable questions and answers, and the other is not.'  This is changed by hand to what appears in pt.


pt 253, lines -15 and -14 (ts 425): ts originally had `the chapter on the Dialectic of Objectivity'. Correction made by hand to `the chapter on the Method of Metaphysics'.


pt 253, line -6 (ts 426): the word, is, is added by hand in ts.


pt 254, line 4 (ts 426): the word, sensitive, is added by hand in ts.


pt 254, footnote (ts 427): the footnote appears here in black carbon type--the rest is blue--and a note is written into the margin of the text on 426, calling attention to the fn that is on an added sheet, which precedes page 427 in the order of the pages in the file.


pt 263, line -12 (ts 441): ts originally had `successfully surmounted'.  It is indicated by hand that the two words should be reversed.


pt 264, line 2 (ts 442): The paragraph, `In this fashion, ...' was originally run into the preceding, but BL notes in margin that a new paragraph should begin here.


pt 264, line -5 (ts 443): clause, `and the ground ...,' originally in ts read, `... and none the less that further development has its basis, not in additional outer conditions or events, but ... Changes are put in ts by hand, corresponding to what appears in pt.


pt 267, line -11 (ts 447): `and' before `conception' is added by hand in ts.


pt 269, line 11 (ts 450): ts originally read, `This view of thing ...' `the' is added by hand before `thing'.


pt 270, line 6 (ts 451): ts originally read, `... the following chapters are directed.'  `directed' is crossed out by hand, and `devoted' is written in in its place.

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