Insight, chapter 14
Sku: 36600DTE050
Archival Number: A366
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Insight, chapter 14. Blue carbon throughout. Pages numbered at top, in type 1-74; in hand, 625-698.


pt 385 (ts 625): Chapter originally entitled 'The Dialectic of Philosophy'. Change by hand in ts. The title, `The Dialectic of Philosophy' appears at top of each page, but is crossed out and replaced by `MM.'


pt 385 (ts 625): Section 1 originally entitled 'Ground of the Dialectic.' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 387, line 5 (ts 628): `method' was in ts `dialectic'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 388, line 6 (ts 630): `and' is in ts `or', and is not changed by hand in ts.


pt 390, paragraph `It transforms' (ts 634): This is run into previous paragraph in ts.  Note in margin to start a new paragraph here.


pt 390, line -3 (ts 634): commas are removed in ts, which originally read: `development, and by reversing counter-positions, liberates.


pt 393, line -15 (ts 638): ts had: `dependence, not of a conclusion of premisses nor of an effect upon its cause'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 395, footnotes (ts 642): the footnote is not in the ts.


pt 396, line 16 (ts 643): the commas are removed by hand in ts, but remain in book.


pt 397, line 2 (ts 644): the comma after `they' is not in ts.


pt 399, line -17 (ts 648): `both' is added by hand in ts, as is `to' in 399, -16.


pt 401, lines 1-2 (ts 650): ts read, `and this lack of exactitude will result in setting one's aim too high'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 401, line 6 (ts 650): `may' is added by hand in ts.


pt 401, line 8 (ts 650): ts read, `takes on the appearance.' Changed by hand to `risks taking on the appearance'.


pt 401, section 4 (ts 651): subtitle read, `The Dialectic of Method in Metaphysics,' but was changed by hand to read, `A Critique of Some Methods in Metaphysics'. (Original subtitle appears in book.)


pt 406, line 5 (ts 658): ts reads, `Every insight is an a priori synthesis;' not changed in ts.


pt 407, line -1 (ts 662): ts read `640 pages'. Changed in ts by hand.


pt 410, line -20 (ts 666): ts read, `it casts suspicion on the assumption'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 416, line 21 (ts 676): ts read, `That assumption obviously is false'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 416, line -9 (ts 676): ts read, `perhaps more than a negligible minority of students and professors, of critics and historians, never wander very far'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 417, line 8 (ts 677): ts reads `are denied'. Not changed.


pt 418, line 10 (ts 678): ts read `were called'. Changed by hand.


pt 419, line 9 (ts 680): ts read `widespread genius'. Changed by hand.


pt 420, line -2 (ts 683): ts read, `It is not only by'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 421, section 4.5 (ts 683): subsection entitled only `Dialectic' in ts. Not changed.


pt 422, line 7 (ts 685): ts read, `while we regard concepts ...' `while' is crossed out by hand.


pt 423, line 14 (ts 687): ts read, `we affirm the realism of the res cogitans for human knowing;' added by hand, 'and the realism of the res extensa for elementary knowing.'


pt 424, line 7 (ts 688): ts read, `satisfied enough.' Changed in ts.


pt 424, line -7 (ts 689): ts read, `despite his personal loyalty to mechanist determinism'. Changed in ts.


pt 425, line -7 (ts 691): `if' is added by hand in ts.


pt 426, line 4 (ts 691): ts read `and so there is'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 426, line -5 (ts 692): paragraph, Accordingly, originally part of preceding, changed to new by hand in ts.


pt 427, line 6 (ts 693): paragraph, Finally, originally part of preceding, and change to new is by hand in ts.


pt 428, line 1: paragraph, Now, introduced by hand in ts.


pt 428, line 8 (ts 695): Not clear from ts that a new paragraph should begin at `The theoretical ...'


pt 428, line -12 (ts 695): ts reads, `For while philosophy has had its traditional schools from the days, it seems, of Pythagoras,'. Not changed.


pt 429, line 4 (ts 696): paragraph, It follows, made by hand in ts.

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