Insight, Chapter 16
Sku: 36800DTE050
Archival Number: A368
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of chapter 16, Metaphysics as Science. Blue carbon. Numbered at top, 1-72 (typed) and 798-869 (hand).


pt 490 (ts 801): the footnote is run into the text in the ts, with no indication that it should be made into a footnote.


pt 490, 1st para. of section, Relations (ts 802): throughout, `converse' was `opposite' in ts, and is changed by hand.


pt 494, line -8 (ts 808): ts read, `Nor did he lack reason.' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 494 (ts 808): footnote run into text, w/o indication to change into fn. Also, in ts it ends with `237.' The additional references are not written in.


pt 495, line 11 (ts 809): ts read, `... between P and Q and R or P and S, etc.' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 497, line -3 (ts 814): ts reads, `... they arise from understanding understanding and they regard ...' Not changed in ts. This may be important.


499, line -1 (ts 817): ts reads '... the position of being ...' Not changed in ts.


pt 503, line -5 (ts 824): ts read, `... there also will be found that some measure of ignorance is taking cover ...' Not changed in ts.


pt 506, line -2 (ts 829): BL began to change this by hand, then reverted to original, which appears in published text. The aborted change: `Thus, if Socrates is a man, he'.


pt 509, line -14 (ts 834): ts reads, `... and seek their answers ...' Not changed in ts.


pt 510, line 9 (ts 835): ts read, `... of the merely coincidental for successive levels of forms and schemes to bring ...' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 510, line 22 (ts 836): ts read `... and his rational choice of his relation ...' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 510, line -3 (ts 837): ts read, `arise'. Not changed in ts.


pt 515, line -18 (ts 845): ts read, `... and this differs from the former enormously.' Not changed in ts.


pt 516, line 5 (ts 846): ts read `existences'. Not changed in ts. This may be an important item.


pt 517, lines 13-14 (ts 848): ts read, `... apart from the empirical residue, from manifolds of instances in a space-time continuum in actual frequencies that non-systematically diverge from ideal frequencies.' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 521, line -7 (ts 856): ts does not have comma after `novelty'.


pt 526, line 14 (ts 864): ts had `professional'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 526, fn (ts 864): in the ts the note is run into the text.


pt 527-28 (ts 865ff.): adjectives ending in `-century' are two words, without hyphen, in ts.

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