Insight, chapter 17
Sku: 36900DTE050
Archival Number: A369
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Insight, chapter 17.  Mostly blue carbon.  Numbered at top, in type 1-119, by hand 870-988.


pt 530, line -2 (ts 871): `a' was `any' in ts; changed by hand in ts.


pt 532, line -19 (ts 874): ts had comma after `depths', not changed in ts. I think it belongs.


pt 533, note, line 8 (ts after 875): ts had `His adherence to the canon of parsimony is rewarded with notable gains in clarity and precision'; changed by hand in ts.


pt 536, line 4 (ts 880): BL adds by hand after `development' both a comma (not in pt) and the word `and' (in pt).


pt 537, line 18 (ts 883): paragraph, `On this issue ...' was run into preceding in ts, but is changed by hand to a new paragraph.


pt 537, line 23 (ts 884): BL had only one `l' in `bedeviled'.


pt 537, line -13 (ts 884): paragraph, `If the history ...' was also run into the preceding, and this too is changed by hand in ts.


pt 540, line 16 (ts 888): The sentence, `There is a complementary fallacy.' is in ts, `There is as well the inverse fallacy.' This is not changed in ts.


pt 541, line -12 (ts 891): ts had, `... of words, the study of logic ...' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 544 (ts 896): footnote obviously added late in preparation of ms.


pt 546, line 12 (ts 899): no comma after `know' in ts; not changed.


pt 548, line -13 (ts 903):  `his' added by hand in ts.


pt 549 (ts 904): footnote added late in preparation of ms.


pt 553, line -11 (ts 913): `assert' was `say so' in ts; changed by hand.


pt 559, line -9 (ts 924): `satisfied' was in ts `set'; changed by hand.


pt 561, line -16 (ts 927): ts has `attainments'; not changed.


pt 564, line 2 (ts 932): ts indicates a new paragraph to begin at `For'; not in published text.


pt 564, line 14 (ts 932): `sense' is added by hand in ts.


pt 565, line 8 (ts 935): `or' is added by hand in ts.


pt 567, line -20 (ts 938): paragraph `Now' is run into preceding in ts; no change indicated.


pt 570, lines 1-7 (ts 942): from `that will dispense' (line 1) to `there is' (line 7) inclusive appears in black carbon, pasted over the following: `that will dispense with further questions.  Literary writers operate principally despite manifest differences operate materially on the same level; words are sensible entities; they possess associations with images, memories, and feelings; and the skilful is engaged primarily in exploiting the resources of language to attract, hold, absorb the attention of prospective readers.  Even when literary writing aims ultimately at the communication of insights and convictions, it does so indirectly.  Instead of a frontal attack on the reader's intelligence, there is'


pt 570, lines 8-9 (ts 943): ts had `Instead of a methodical summing up ...'  This changed by hand to `If there is no methodical summing up ...'


pt 575, line 4 (ts 951): ts had `almost each individual psyche'.  Changed by hand.


pt 579, lines -17 and -16 (ts 960): `anticipate' was `participate' in ts. Changed by hand.


pt 580, line 10 (ts 901): ts has `determinate' for `determine' (the adjective for the infinitive).  This is not changed.


pt 581, line 14 (ts 963): `and' is added by hand.


pt 583, line -20 (ts 967): `general' is added by hand.


pt 583, line -16 (ts 968): `scientific' is added by hand.


pt 584, line -3 (ts 970): the comma after `reasonably' is added by hand in ts.


pt 585, line -14 (ts 971): `problem' is `problems' in ts (grammatically incorrect). Not changed.


pt 586, line 13 (ts 972): punctuation in ts is: `controversy, and then, all honest men ...'


pt 586 and following: the enumeration of the various canons (First, secondly, etc.) is not underlined (italicized) in ts. 


pt 588, line -14 (ts 976): `will' is added by hand.


pt 589, line 17 (ts 978): ts read, `... it should be possible to retrace through that bridge the gap from the past to the universal viewpoint.'  Changed by hand to what appears in pt.


pt 590, line 5 (ts 979): `supposes' was `is' in ts. Changed by hand.


pt 590, line 8 (ts 979): ts read, `... currend gaps between meaning and expression and, finally, the fulfilment offered ...' Changed by hand to what appears in pt.


pt 592, line -10 (ts 984): ts has `into an extrinsicist theory of history ...' Not changed.


pt 594 (ts 987): the subtitle is typed in ts in black type, and this does not seem to be carbon.

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