Insight, Chapter 18: The Possibility of Ethics
Sku: 37000DTE050
Archival Number: A370
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Insight, Chapter 18.  Black carbon, numbered 1-71 typed, 989-1160 by hand.  Typed on reverse of Regiopolis College stationery.


pt 595, line -10 (ts 990): ts had comma after transition, not changed in ts.


pt 595, line -8 (ts 990): ts had comma after activity, not changed in ts.


pt 595, line -3 (ts 990): ts had 'to suppose that even possible readers'; the words, even possible, are crossed out by hand in ts.


pt 598, line -14 (ts 995): ts has no comma after 'yet'; not changed in ts.


pt 598, line -11 (ts 995): ts had no comma after 'will'; not changed in ts.


pt 599, line 12 (ts 996): ts had `... inevitably the exigence for self-consistency ...'  `the' is changed by hand to `an'.


pt 599, lines -3 and -2 (ts 997): `premise' was `premises' in ts, but changed by hand.


pt 600, line -18 (ts 998): `centred' is amended in ts to `centered'; not followed in published text.


pt 600, line -14 (ts 999): ts had ` ... dealing with the questions, "Is there a meaning to the word `ought'?"  And if there is, "What is it?" Our answers differ ... '  Changed by hand in ts.


pt 600, line -4 (ts 999): `his' is added by hand before `Traumdeutung'.


pt 600, line -3 (ts 999): `and' is added by hand before `following'.


pt 601, line 10 (ts 1000): `a flight' was in ts `the flight'; changed by hand.


pt 601, line 11 (ts 1000): `rationalization' was in ts `rational'; changed by hand. Thus the last part of the sentenced originally read in ts: `... but false in so far as the possibility of the choice results from the flight from self-consciousness, or from rational or from moral renunciation.'  (Clearly `rational' is simply a typing error.)


pt 601, line -12 (ts 1000-1001): ts had `some conditions more general and and others less' [sic]; not changed in ts.


pt 602, line 12 (ts 1001-1002): the words `from self-consciousness nor the illusory consistency' are omitted in ts, and are not supplied by hand. Note, though, that they would occur right at the passage from one page to the next, and may have been omitted as an entire line in moving from one page to the next.


pt 602, line 16 (ts 1002): the punctuation is supplied by hand.  Ts originally had `Nor is this all, for in the concrete consistency means ...'


pt 602, line -19 (ts 1002): the second `from' is added by hand in ts.


pt 603, line -9 (ts 1004): `neither' was in ts `not'; changed by hand.


pt 604, line 6 (ts 1005): `premises' was in ts `them'; changed by hand.


pt 604, line 8 (ts 1005): `neither' was `not' in ts; changed by hand.


pt 604, line 11 (ts 1005); ts had semicolon after `subject'; not changed in ts; published text may be in error here.


pt 604, line 14 (ts 1005): the words, `on the side of the object', are not in ts, and not added by hand.


pt 604, line -9 (ts 1006): ts had comma after `methodically'; not changed in ts, even though several other commas in the same sentence had been removed by hand.


pt 605, line -11 (ts 1008): `of' precedes `the universal order' in ts, but is removed by hand.


pt 606, line -14 (ts 1010): `the' is added by hand in ts.


pt 606, line -5 (ts 1010): ts had `the critical reflection's affirmation'; changed by hand in ts.


pt 607, line 5 (ts 1010): ts had `as metaphysical originals.' Changed by hand in ts, adding `the'.


pt 608, line 16 (ts 1013): the words, `schemes of recurrence cannot be deduced from lower laws and lower', are added by hand in ts, obviously due to a mistake in the typing.


pt 609, line 8 (ts 1014): `own' is added by hand in ts.


pt 609, line -6 (ts 1016): in `to exist' the word, to, is omitted in ts and is not supplied.


pt 611, line 18 (ts 1019): `is' is `as' in ts, and is not changed.


pt 612, line -9 (ts 1021): ts had `whether in its execution, or in my knowledge that I have decided, or in my expression of that knowledge.' Changed by hand in ts.


pt 613 (ts 1024): paragraph `Again, a set of corollaries ...' is indicated by hand, as this had been typed as belonging with preceding paragraph.


pt 615, line 13 (ts 1026): ts has no comma before `and'.


pt 616 (ts 1028): Page 1028 of ts, corresponding to p. 616 in text from `is contingent.' (line 6) to `demonstrate.' (line - 14) is not on Regiopolis stationery and has a slightly different running head. It is a substitute for an earlier page 1028, which is also given in this item.  The earlier page reads: ' ... is contingent. For it merely happens that I exist, that I experience in such and such a manner, etc. (Para.) Finally, the possible courses of action invented by intelligence, motivated by reason, and executed by willing, are contingent in their actuality. For the action is contingent, if willing it is contingent; and so the actuality both of willing and of the action willed is contingent. The major premise simply restates the preceding sentence, which defines the courses of action under consideration. The minor premise follows from the fact that the reasonable act of willing constitutes both the doing in question and the actuality of consistency between knowing and doing. For there is no argument from the content of knowledge to the occurrence of willing unless one postulates some conformity or consistency between knowing and willing; but that postulate is verified actually, not by the exigence for conformity or consistency but by the occurrence of conformity or consistency; and that occurrence consists in the act of willing. Hence necessarily one is involved in a vicious circle whenever one attempts to argue from a subject's knowing to his willing; for it is only through his willing that the subject attains to the effectively rational self-consciousness in which willing is consistent with knowing and conforms to it.'


pt 617, line 1 (ts 1029): `goes beyond' was in ts `excludes'. Changed by hand in ts.


pt 617, line -10 (ts 1031): `as' is added by hand in ts.


pt 617, lines -1 and -2 (ts 1031): `systematization or order' was in each case `systematization and order' in ts. Not changed in ts.


pt 618, line -15 (ts 1032): `that' is added by hand in ts.


pt 618, lines -11 and -10 (ts 1032): the words, `free, but because it is' are added by hand in ts.


pt 619, line 1 (ts 1033): `necessarily' was before `willing' in ts, but this is changed by hand.


pt 619, line 13 (ts 1033): `possibility' was in ts `possible', changed by hand.


pt 619, line -8 (ts 1034): originally ts had period after `subject' and a new sentence beginning `The measure'. Changed by hand.


pt 620, line 1 (ts 1035): `as' is added by hand in ts.


pt 620, line 12 (ts 1035): ts had `realizations of absolute ideas but', changed by hand to `realizations of static descriptive concepts but intelligible'--note no comma after `static'.


pt 620, line -13 (ts 1036): a change was made here, beginning with `epochs', but it is impossible to tell what the previous wording was; it is erased, and the new remainder of the sentence typed over it.


pt 623, line 15 (ts 1041): The words, `and from rational consciousness to rational self-consciousness', are written at the bottom of the page--probably the carbon failed to pick them up.


pt 624 (ts 1043): The subheading read, `Possible Functions to Satire and Humor'; `to' is changed to `of' by hand.


pt 626, lines 2-3 (ts 1046): `challenges even the enclaves of bright chatter' was in ts `provides a topic for bright chatter'; changed by hand.


pt 626, line 13 (ts 1047): `Satire ...' is made a new paragraph by hand in ts.


pt 626, line -20 (ts 1047): `of Utopia' was `for Utopia' in ts, changed by hand. Same: ts had `puts familiar Tom's and Dick's and Harry's'; changed by hand.


pt 627, line -17 (ts 1049): `is it' added by hand in ts.


pt 629, line -3 (ts 1053): ts has comma after `reasonable', not changed.


pt 631, line -9 (ts 1057): Directions by hand in margin to begin a new paragraph at `The problem ...'


pt 632, line 5 (ts 1057): `is' before `better' is added by hand.


pt 633 (ts 1060): chapter originally ended ` ... but for empirical inquiry. But before these questions can be raised and answered in a satisfactory fashion, there is a prior question that seems extremely relevant. For we have conceived metaphysics and ethics as concerned with proportionate being. But before we can ask about the ulterior finality of proportionate being, we have to determine what we can know about transcendent being.' This is crossed out in ts, and the subsequently published ending follows it.

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