Insight, Epilogue
Sku: 37300DTE050
Archival Number: A373
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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Typescript of Epilogue of Insight.  Pages numbered 1232-1261 by hand, and 1-28 typed.


pt 731, line 9 (ts 1232): `has been' was `is'; changed.


pt 731 (ts 1233): The note is not given in ts.


pt 733, line 5 (ts 1235): `those who' is `those that' in ts; not changed.


pt 735, line 6 (ts 1239): `need not' was `do not'; changed.


pt 735, line 7 (ts 1239): `can be' was `is'; changed.


pt 735, line -13 (ts 1239): ts has comma after `manner'; not changed. So too after `modified' in -12.


pt 736 (ts 1241-42): The paragraph, `Finally,' is quite different in ts. It reads:


            Finally, it is true that the human mind cannot plumb the reality of God, and so it cannot exclude the possibility of a plurality of aspects of God grounding a plurality of different but equivalent metaphysics.  But it is not true that any man ever intelligently conceived and reasonably affirmed a metaphysics that assigned the causa essendi and excluded the causa cognoscendi.  And it is not true that advertence to the causa cognoscendi permits a plurality of equivalent metaphysics.  The reasons for the last assertion have been given above.  The reasons for the second last assertion can be appreciated better now than when they first were indicated in the Introduction.  For an ontologically structured metaphysics is known; our knowing consists in experiencing, understanding, and judging; and judging emerges in rational consciousness inasmuch as a necessary and sufficient reason for making the judgment i.e., a causa cognoscendi, is grasped; finally, while God is logically and ontologically first in an ontologically structured metaphysics, God is not logically first in our knowledge of that metaphysics.


pt 746 (ts 1256): The paragraph `Yet' is run into preceding paragraph in ts, but a marginal note indicates a new paragraph should begin here.  So, too, with the paragraph, `Again' and the paragraph `Finally' on pt 747 (ts 1257).


pt 747, line -2 (ts 1259): the `ever' before `ceasing' seems to have been typed in later.


pt 748, line 12 (ts 1259): ts had `the Verbum'; changed.


At the very end are the Imprimi potest, and the Imprimatur, on a separate page.

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