Insight table of contents
Sku: 37900DTE050
Archival Number: A379
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1950
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A set of three pages of the same version of a table of contents of Insight. One of these is an original, the other two are photocopies. Much is written in by hand.

1  The typed subtitle is `A Study of Human Intelligence'.  This is crossed out, and above it is written `An Essay in aid of Personal Appropriation of one's own Rational Self-Consciousness'. 


2  Preface and Introduction are added by hand. 


3  Chapter 1 is called `The Elements of Insight'.


4  Chapter 5 is called `Space, Time, and Measurement', though this is changed by hand to `Space and Time'.


5  Chapter 6 was called `Common Sense'.  `... and its Subject' is added by hand.


5  Chapter 7 was called `Common Sense (con'd).  The bracketed expression is crossed out by hand, and `as Object' is written in.


6  Part II was called `Insight and Knowledge.'  Not changed.


7  The chapters of Part II were numbered I to VIII.  The first 6 were changed by hand to XI to XI to XVI.  VII and VIII remain, and the last two chapters and the epilogue are added by hand. 


8  Chapter 14 was called `The Dialectic of Philosophy'.  This is changed by hand to `The Method of Metaphysics'.


8  Chapter 16 was `Elements of Ethics', 17 was `Elements of Natural Theology', and 18 was `The Structure of History'.  These are crossed out, and the titles we now have are written above.  19 and 20 (handwritten) have the titles of the published text.


9  Typed numbers are given for the starting pages of chapters 1 through 14.  But these are crossed out, and different handwritten numbers are given instead.  The handwritten numbers go to the end of the book.  The last page number is `End - 1260', which is the last page of the batch III version.

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