De explicito et implicito historico
Sku: 42400DTL060
Archival Number: A424
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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1 page, typed, single-spaced. Same typewriter. Seems quite incomplete.  In the form in which we have it, there are four points, though the fourth may not be complete.  § 1 lists a number of distinctions that are so clearly known to us as to seem trite.  § 2 relates how in these distinctions are grounded and even somehow constituted all the explicit knowledge we have of ourselves and of others, the entire organization of bodies of knowledge, libraries, schools, and a multitude of social and cultural structures.  § 3 acknowledges that all these distinctions and their consequences were once quite new, that they were themselves discovered and developed and so have a history, that distinctions were made at definite times.  § 4 says the same thing of generalizations (e.g., `two'), with special reference to Cassirer, vol. 1 of Philosophy of Symbolic Forms).  MS has translated this item.

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