De operationibus theologicis–7.2.62 (7 February 1962)
Sku: 425E0DTL060
Archival Number: A425e
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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This is a brevissima quaedam huius rei determinatio--an exact account will not be given nisi in fine huius inquisitionis. Operations are specified by object, here primarily God, and then all other things ordered to God. `Hence operations that deal with God, both as one and as a trinity, with creation, the Incarnation and redemption, the sending of the Holy Spirit, the Church of God, grace, the infused virtues, the sacraments, and the last things are truly theological operations.' (Compare with later on special categories.) Object attained mediately: through creatures (n.t.) and through revealed word of god (d.t.). `Those operations, therefore, that deal with the word of God, that is, with revelation, the inspiration and interpretation of the bible, and Catholic tradition and the teaching office of the church are also theological operations.' Theology is not only science but also wisdom, and so `those operations are theological that determine the place of theology within the whole circle of sciences, that judge the value and limits of the other sciences, and by which theology adopts for its own purposes, not blindly but critically, the findings of other sciences.' There are two different kinds of `other disciplines' to be treated theologically: the philosophical disciplines and the human sciences. Much the same thing is said (more compendiously) here of the human sciences as in 425D.

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