De ordine expositionis 7.2.62
Sku: 425F0DTL060
Archival Number: A425f
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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Two orders are spoken of: from the most particular to the more general and the most general--first, the operations concerning God, then those concerning supernatural realities which refer directly to God, and thirdly re those things most remotely related to theology as wisdom; and from the most general to the more particular--begin with human operations and go from there to speak about human theological operations. First is preferable, since then the course is obviously about method in theology; but second has some advantages, too--actually by the end he seems to favor it. Much is repeated here from A425d. 425d-f are obviously closely related (even in date). The `whole methodological problem' is explained a bit more: `arises not so mjch from the internal development in theology as from the external influences upon it from recent advances in philoslogical, historical, and psychological sciences.' These follow in general `the philosophical and methodological norms of its origin, namely, idealism, Kantianism, naturalism, and positivism, than norms that are theologically determined.' So we neglect the whole problem of method if we put off to the end of the inquiry the consideration of related disciplines, as though this were of lesser importance.

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