De methodo theologiae, chapter 1
Sku: 426A0DTL060
Archival Number: A426a
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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FE Crowe has indicatged that everything in 426 is transcribed from BL's lecture notes, that these are lecture notes and agree word for word with the set De methodo theologiae issued for 1962 institute. He adds, `Note how different the 1963-64 course is from 1961-62,' and refers to `T. Daly set of notes.' This particular item consists of a bibliography (short), a modus procedendi, and chapter 1: De methodo in genere. The pages are numbered consecutively, in hand, from 1-8. The dates run from 5.2.62 to 19.2.62. Topics covered: 1. method treats operations directly, objects indirectly; 2. (Piaget on) operations in general; immediate and mediated objects, and self-mediating operations; 3. the operating subject: horizon and world, conversion (moral, intellectual, religious), the unauthentic subject; relative and absolute authenticity and inauthenticity (relative = later `minor,' but absolute is not the later `major'); 4. objects considered from a methodological viewpoint: formal and material; de iure and de facto formal objects; division and development of sciences; nonscientific ways of operation; method extends to history that is written; 5. methodological consideration in itself: comparative, genetic, and dialectical; one, synthetic, concrete, historical; transcendental; difference between this approach and Kantian and intuitionist approaches.

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