Theology 429
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Archival Number: A429 V31
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, Latin
Decade: 1960
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A schematic handwritten p. on Theology, its objects and divisions
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A429: Theology


A schematic handwritten p. on Theology, its objects and divisions.  RD: Beginning with 433, this folder contains L’s notes for the 1961 course De intellectu et methodo. I do not think this is true of 429-432, however.




1) Final[?] object   God

                               all in relation to God


2) Mediating object [this may be the earliest appearance of this term (m.o.) and in fact of mediation as a concern; see CWL 6, p. 111 note] Christ and His members: not immediate as beata visio, not without [?] Xt or in human philosophy, religion.  [We will see that ‘mediation’ probably comes to him from Piaget, and that means in 1959, though the idea does not appear in CWL 10.]


not qua data – natural science

not qua data and constitutive meaning – human science

                                                                 Christianity as part of history of religions

But qua data and constitutive meaning and Word of God: Christ as logos



                                                                                                        |Tradition: Pp Tt

                                                                                                             Sensus fidelium

                                                                                            | Magisterium


[RD: In CWL 6, p. 92 note 2, we state that ‘constitutive meaning’ begins to be spoken of in the lecture ‘Time and Meaning’ (25 September 1962).  That would now appear not quite accurate, if this page is from 1961 as some of the others in this file clearly are.  See also ibid. 101-102 note 12.] [Later note RD: I do not think this item has to do with 1961 'De intellectu ...' but 'constituted by meaning' appears in the summer institute 1962 at Regis College, and probably in the 'Problematica altera' of the spring 1962 course 'De methodo theologiae.' These notes (429-432) may well be related to that 'problematica altera,' which is picked up again at 450, after the notes that definitely do pertain to 1961 'De intellectu ...'


3) Mediating principle [immediate quoad nos]

            not man as unredeemed

            not omnicompetent reason: rationalist – denying spirit

                                                         idealist – including spirit within nature

            but man under the New Law = with grace of Holy Spirit

            as in order of knowing – ratio per fidem illustrata – opposed :rationalism

                                                                                                              faith alone

                                                            fides qu. int

                                    int qu. fidem


4) Division of Theology

            Result of development (º process of differentiation and integration)


            Practical exigence

            Systematic exigence

            Critical exigence

            Methodical exigence