Notes related to Hermeneutics
Sku: 45300D0L060
Archival Number: A453 V48
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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1 handwritten schematic p., possibly relating to problematica altera in spring 1962 course De methodo theologiae. Mentions Malevez, movement from quoad nos to quoad se, Heidegger's destruction of history of ontology, Descamps, Ebeling, Peinador, theological use of scripture, hermeneutics, Aristotelian and classical hermeneutics, Romantic, idealist, Historical School, movement from Dilthey to Heidegger

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Malevez           Théologie functionnelle          RST 48 (1960)

            Quid    quoad nos – category of CS knowledge

                        quoad se – category of Sc knowledge           





(a) Sein und Zeit         Die Aufgabe einer Destruktion der Geschichte der Ontologie


(b) Presentation, clarification of transition from quoad nos to quoad se




A Descamps    attacks H.I. Marrou

                        great confidence in historic-critical method

B Ebeling (1) Bibl theol à Religious Ideas à part of history of religion

                  (2) Evaluation of historisch-kritische Method: not indifferent

                                                                                                re authority

                                                                                                re [?] metaphysics

B' Peinador uses dogma – Assumption


Theological use of SScr. in apologetics

                                        in dogmas: earlier thesis

                                                            later thesis       Origen



Hermeneutics: A         per se one understands the thing by the words

                                    hermeneutical circle: all understanding is hypothetical

                                    ??                     circle

                        B         Aristotelian Classical: figures of speech – rationalization

                                                                        modes of subject from dream to waking

                                                                                                    ? realist to dogmatic

                                    Romantic – Schleiermacher


                                    Historical School        

                                    ? Dilthey à Heidegger