Biblical theology
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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2 loose handwritten schematic pp. on biblical theology, perhaps in context of 'De methodo theologiae' 1962 Gregorian course

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46100DTE060 / A 461


Biblical Theology


A scriptural component in contemp. dogm. theol. Peinador, Gutwenger

B the prius – John & Paul’s answers to J’s P’s Fragestellung, purpose, concern

            the religious content of the bible in the categories of the bible

                        not Tert Orig Athan Aq Gutwenger but the prius

            B' as Verstehen – advance in hermeneutic circle

                        sense for genus litterarium, level of the literal sense

                        exclusion of ready-made categories

                                    laissez la chose apparait,

                                                les faits parler pour lui-memes

                        Erfahrung – I learn, am developed, more to objective Fragestellung

                                    I preach, at least but preaching, teaching should be done [?]

                        Conflict – Many voices – Historicist (and speaking from an ? present)

            B'' as Erklären

            (1) spreading hermeneutic circle, contrasts, comparisons, genesis, judgments of truth, value (dialectic) à Rlg Phenomenology Psychology Philosophy History perhaps Doctrine

            (2) sense for genus litt., for literal sense à sequence of genera, of levels à Psych, Hist of religion

            (3) genesis of categories from contrasts comparisons genesis dialectical

                        P&S located in sequences

            (4) either this genesis agrees with dogmatic Wirkungsgeschichte

                        or erroneous


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Biblical Theology as component in contemporary dogma à ?

                              as Verstehen – Romanticist Historicist Extrinsicist

                              as Erklären – is not theology not about God but about man’s ideas

                                                    involves a theoretical structure

                                                            α that is just as difficult ?                              

                                                                        as in dogma

                                                            β that has not the intrinsic correction [connection?] of Wirkungsgeschichte of revelation

                                                            γ that is contemporary component in that Wirkungsgeschichte


?? College Prof – Western type of thought, not difficulty

                             need phil, theol of religion, to ?

            human sciences – A law

                                         B whole range


Regina scientiarum – so far from ruling, not clearly aware of existence, nature