Religion and Metaphysics
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Author: Lonergan, B.
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Decade: 1960
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5 handwritten schematic pp. Topics include phenomenology of religion, philosophy of religion, polymorphism of philosophy of religion.

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Religion and Metaphysics


                                                [e.g. absolute & sacred

                                                e.g. proof of divinity of Xt from N.T.]

α Philosophy of religion: e.g. what are the categories involved in interpretation of old documents                                                                                                                              monuments

    Relations between theology and metaphysics

            scholastic theology is too involved in metaphysical issues

            should be short-circuited  SScr, non-metaphysical PP,

                                                                        imitatio Xti

β Philosophy of Religion

            While religion is prior to phil of religion [one can be religious w/out being a phil]

            yet de facto in reading

                                    writing this article

                        we are performing not religious acts

                                                       but phil. theol. sc. acts

            hence does phil of religion suppose a metaphysics, a philosophy?

                        is ‘philosophy of …’ independent of philosophy simpliciter?


γ Phenomenology: reaching the essence of concrete data

                               when it is reached, it is evidently the essence

                                    i.e. invulnerable insight: i.e., experience, insight, truth

            phenomenology is not clear on issue of truth

                        Husserl: epoche - if truth reached, then no epoche re real

                                    unless real is not true but [resistance??]

                                                                              natürliche Einstellung]

                        Scheler: ambiguity and apostasy cf. Dupuy

                        Van Breda does not reach reflective issues

            insofar as fully conscious, phenomenology involves

                        acceptance of philosophy

                        negation of counter-philosophies

            insofar as not fully conscious, phenomenology widely acceptable

                        can be useful spadework, e.g. measurements in sc

                        cannot be scientific in full sense, movement toward truth


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Rel & Metaphys


δ The philosopher of religion has to clarify his own polymorphism

            or his results will be vitiated in their origin, i.e., himself

ε The polymorphism of philosophy/philosophy of religion is matched by polymorphism of religion itself

            There are many – there are many aberrant forms

            Reaching the essence of religion involves at its most

                        fundamental level the distinction between

                        authentic and aberrant manifestations of religion

                        i.e., presupposes an account of essence of religion

                        and verifies it not in sense that there are no facts to

                        favor other view

                        but in sense that there are facts for this view

                                    and other views involved in counter pos [?]

 ζ Significance of phil of religion is that it claims from phil criteria

            for interpretation of rlg manifestations

   Value that it supplies empirical element that indicate

            what categories are not only possible but also actual

   Value principally because latent metaphysics

                                              undifferentiated consciousness

                                              objective lack of explicit distinctions

                                              ? of distinctions

   Relation between empirical laws, system, in meth sc, invulnerable insights

                                                                                         phil orientation & implication


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Religion and Metaphysics


True Religion adds to explicit metaphysics

            For in intellectual pattern of experience

                        detached (not spectator but actor à truth)

                        contemplates things in relations to one another

                                                no emphasis on self

Religion takes man as he is in concrete dramatico-practical pattern

            transforms, purifies, liberates, elevates

            to a concrete dramatico-practical pattern

                        congruous with intellectual pattern

            charity: love God above all à detachment

                         love neighbor as self à objectivity

            As transforming etc. it is process

                        perfect charity is always a goal

                        as process it has a special reference to self

                                    humility, abasement, sorrow, detestation purpose of amendment

                                    hope, confidence, faith

“I” coram Deo with neighbor in world


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Religion & Metaphysics


Metaphysics: ontologically orientated – ens priora quoad se i.e. God: Owens, Klubertanz

                      epistemologically orientated - ens priora quoad nos

                                                                                    (1) Two-way street – can pull stocking inside out

                                        invest throughout

                                        e.g. true = adequatio int ad rem

                                               res = id ad quod verum adequatur

                                         ens et verum convertuntur

                        requires certain agility


(2) One-way street

            & only way is ontologically orientated


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Rel & Metaphysics



                        - not only lesser breeds wt the law [?]


                        (1) not enough to affirm true proportions

                        (2) horizon – cut things down to one’s own size

                        (3) if not empiricism, then Platonist August Cartesian, Kantian,

                                    Berkeleyan, Hegelian

                        non sequitur

                        cf perception