De novissimis (BL).
Sku: 48000DTL040
Archival Number: A48
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1940
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The wrapper in BL’s hand had the title, De novissimis.  It was removed by FEC, but the new wrapper added by FEC has the same title. 

In the present item we have some 80 pages typed, numbered only in small groups here and there. Seems to be BL’s commentary on the folio used as the manual for De novissimis. With handwritten additions, also BL’s. Includes comments on Pesch et al., notes from Fathers, DTC, Scripture, etc. The Pesch material has to do with De Deo creante et elevante, de Deo fine ultimo. (Regis College library, Toronto, in storage: BT 133, .P84, 1908, 3rd edition). Michael Shields has translated this entire document. His translation appears on this site at 4800ADTE040.

    L. taught De novissimis in 1943-43 and 1945-46 at College de l’Immaculée-conception. Is this related to one of those? Probably. The item contained in 49A00DTL040 is the folio on which Lonergan is commenting in the present item, and the format and type of that folio matches other documents from the Montreal seminary. The present notes should be studied in tandem with that folio. Lonergan's own notes De novissimis may be found at 23900DTL040. They too are most likely connected to one or other of those courses, since Lonergan does not seem to have taught De novissimis again.


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