Being: four pages
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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4 handwritten schematic pages on being and judgment. This is the sixth item in Batch V, folder 8, System & History.

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(1) What is to be known by the totality of true judgments

(2) What is to be known by understanding correctly everything about everything

(3) the objective of the pure desire to know


Equivalent (1) pure desire is unrestricted

                   (2) pure desire moves toward objective

                        by raising and answering qq

                        Qq are quid sit and an sit


Why should that be being? Every principle presupposes a notion of being

                                            and so every argument for a notion of being

                                                is involved in a vicious circle


Aq. I-II 66, 5 4m wisdom


            wisdom (1) Ar first phil or (2) gift of HS


            first an argument from authority except in case of

                        ??? Noel etc - weakest of all arguments


            second goes beyond phil to theol


What is genesis of wisdom?

            Procedure: self-appropriation 1-8 insight

                                                            9-10 judgment

                                                            11 self-affirmation

                                                            12 notion of being

                                                            13 notion of objectivity

                                                            14 positions



            Unless one says being is objective etc [?], one is in counterposition

                        one’s account of knowledge cannot be what is intelligently grasped

                                                                                    and rationally affirmed.

            case of getting skeptic to talk


            E.g., being is known by experience of resistance Scheler

                        qua rationally affirmed, it is not knowledge of being

                        qua experience of resistance, not rationally affirmed

            Hence God not just Geist but Geist u. Drang


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Arguments: not as tho a basic notion can be derived

                    but in sense that basic notions can be defended

                                                opposed positions shown to be erroneous [?]


Either being is what is known by totality of true judgments

            or being is what is known by some true judgments

            or being is what is known by false judgments

            or being is what is known wt any judgment.


If what is known by totality

(1) then veritas est adaequatio intellectus et rei

            transpose: being is what is known by knowing truth

                             truth is what is known by knowing being

(2) since we do not reach totality and know we do not reach it

            we know that we do not know being fully


If what is known by some

(1) then a pari by all

(2) otherwise which true j are knowledge and which are not

(3) [and otherwise] how can they be true if they do not correspond to being


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If being is what is known by false judgments

            (2) then being is irrational and unintelligible

            e.g. A can be both B and not-B re et ratione is false

                        ergo being is what is self-contradictory

(1) Is this judgment false or true?

            If false, irrational to assert it.

            If true, then it is knowledge of nothing

                        for being is known not by true but by false judgments.


3 If being is what is known without judgment

            then it is known α by experience alone

                                       β by experience and insight

            α is materialism

            β is essentialist, Kantian, idealist, relativist, existentialist.

                                                                        Scheler/ Heidegger/ Jaspers.


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Being is what is known by totality of true judgments.

            if on this basis there follow all the acknowledged properties of being.