History and System, etc.
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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3 handwritten pp. Headings: History and System (1), De bono humano (2), Eras = Modes of Apprehension (3).

Closely related to part of what appears in 50100D0L050

Seventh item in Batch V, folder 8, System & History

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History and System


A There is a systematic component to human living

            (1) assimilation

            (2) accommodation

                        à circ. op. [circle of operations]

            (a) Piaget

            (b) Mythic apprehension of world: totemistic


B History is the history of systems

                                           their development

                                           their interpretation

                                           their breakdown

            in a basic respect


C The a priori of history is B

    Its a posteriori is from the data


D History itself is a circle of operations in the

            purely intellectual system: what did they experience?

                                                        how did they understand?


[page 2]


De bono humano


I bona particularia

II bonum ordinis: civilizationis – sociale


            recurrunt bona particularia regulariter

            operationes coordinatae

            habitus, instituta

            relationes interpersonales

    (1) ex dominatione naturae – technologia

    (2) ex ordinatione actuum humanorum

                        ordo domesticus

                        ordo oeconomicus

                        ordo politicus

III valores: unde ordines sint boni

             aestheticus: obiectum intelligibile in sensibilibus

             ethicus: subiectum rationabile: verum, honestum

            religiosus: homines coram Deo

                                    in mundo historico

   [In the left margin, for aestheticus, ethicus, and religiosus, there is the word ‘culturale’]


[page 3]


Eras =                                                              modes of apprehension

  primitive: pre-civilizational culture               = modes of assimilation

                                                                        = modes of living

                                                                        = modes of being

  civilization                                                     à undistinguished     


  culture                                                                       being

Historical | Post-cultural                                             coincident

                        civilization                                           in man as historical