History and System: 8 more pp.
Sku: 48300D0EL60
Archival Number: A483 V815
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, Latin
Decade: 1960
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Continuation of the former. 8 handwritten schematic pp. Some headings: Modes of Apprehension (1), Stadia (2), De bono humano (3), De ambiguitate boni humani (4), The human good (5), Stadia (6).

Also closely related to some of what appears in 50100D0L050

The 8th item in Batch V, folder 8, System & History

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Transcription by Robert M. Doran


Modes of apprehension


            passive element constant

            active, constructive, assimilative variable


            mode of assimilation à undistinguished from mode of living

                                    nominaà numina


            just as word mediates between meaning and meant

            so a universe of words mediates between mind and world

                        and the mediating universe is

                                    undifferentiated from the meant


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            primitivi           haud fit divisio laboris

                                                 differentiatio conscientiae

            magnae et antiquae civiliz      

                                    maxime dividitur labor

                                    evolutio socialis, civilizationis


                                    valores haud distinguuntur


            cultura liberalis

                        exstat individuum

                                    rationale – philosophiae

                                                      expurgatur mythos

                                                      coluntur scientiae

                                                                    artes qua artes


            aetas moderna

                        transformantur socialia

                        per conscientiam historicam

                        per inventiones scientificas


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De bono humano


I bona particularia

II schemata repetitionis: ordo civilizationis

            ad naturae dominationem: technologica

            ad homines regulandos




III valores   aestheticus: obiectum intelligibile

                   ethicus: subiectum rationabile

                   religiosus: subiectum rationabile coram Deo/ cum aliis/ in mundo historico


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De ambiguitate boni humani


            α stat in bonis particularibus

              ordines tech. et soc.  propter bon. part.

              valores: conditiones superstructura

                        quae in ordinibus fundantur


            β stat in tribus ut tamen

              bona part. subordinantur ord. soc.

              ord. soc. regulatur valoribus


            γ stat in valoribus

                        part. & ord. soc. non sunt nisi fundamentum material


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The Human Good


    The Basic Structure


            Particular Goods

            Schemes of Recurrence

                        α control of:    nature – technology, capital [struck through; see below ‘capital’]

                                                man – family/economy/polity


                        β streams of particular goods

                            coordinated operations

                            habits: institutions: capital

                            personal values and relations



                Intellectual & moral



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            primitivi: parum specializantur circuli operationes

            civiliz magnae antiquae: specializantur circ. op. sociale

            cultura liberalis: specializantur circ. op. culturale

            aetas moderna: inventis scientificis et conscientia historica/ transformantur op. sociales, multiplicantur bona part.


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Thing colours

Surface colours


Perspectives: not seen as seen

                        but seen as constructed

Language: experience of sound

                  experience of meaning


What enters consciousness, is what is assimilated

            may be given, but peripheral


Conscientia historica

            aspectus negativus

            aspectus positivi

                        (1) decisiones, progressus, liberalismus, naturalismus Darwin Spencer

                        (2) romanticismus

                        (3) philosophia humana

                        (3) [sic] historia et scientia

                        (4) historia et irrationalitas


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What is outside system is materia prima




I First set of non-systematized, same for everyone

  Then different super-imposed systematizations

II [blank – entry ends]