Problematik 515d
Sku: 515D0DTEG60
Archival Number: A515d
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, German
Decade: 1960
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Reverse of p. 6 of S515. Seems to continue problem of history and system. See 514B

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515D0DTE060 (transcription by R. Doran; one p., fragment, reverse of p. 6 in 51500D0L060)




(f) The isolating and sterilizing tendency is illustrated by XlVth and XVth century decadence

          by the need met by Melchior Cano’s De locis theologicis (p. 76)

          [which assume theology to be static, cf. DB 2314; 1800

          [which neglect distinction between bishop and theologian: both expound and defend the faith; Hebrew and Greek meaning of didaskein

          [which assimilate new learning of renaissance by giving theologian ten loci from which he is to ‘prove’ his assertions selected from mediaeval determinations


          by the addition of further theologies, Congar DTC 29, 423 ss.

          theologia mystica, spiritualis, ascetica, affectiva

          theologia moralis

          theologia positiva

            ut stylus litterarius: Gregorii Augustini Hieronymi

            ut defensio continuitatis catholicae adv. Protestantes



          biblical, patristic, mediaeval, conciliar, papal, Denzingertheologie


          liturgical, pastoral, kerygmatic, catechetics, missiology


          disciplinae auxiliares