Method 528
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Archival Number: A528
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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1 handwritten schematic p. on method

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Transcription by R. Doran of 52800D0E060, a single page headed “Method”


Method = knowing what one is doing – necessary for human act

          specialist in large-scale, long-term scientific enterprise

                   what can be done now, as contribution to what, by what steps,

                   w what resources, means, techniques,

                   w what results, in se, in scientific community [how where to ? it]

          essentially reflexive: not about objects immediately

                   electrons atoms cells plants animals

                   but about sc. operations

          not only logical operations: positing and defining terms

                                                    positing and inferring propositions

                                                    formalization [axioms, rules of procedure]

                                                          limitations theorems ??

          but also (1) questions & problems, lining up of prob (Problematik)

                      (2) heuristic structures [geometrization of nature]

                      (3) observation, classification, description, comparison

                      (4) working hypotheses, deduction, experiment, verification

                      (5) constructs, systems, succession of systems

                      (6) know-how

          learnt as an art: c.s. procedure of understanding – heritage of sc. community

                   precept & example

                   reading, lectures, laboratory

                             history of science – learning sc

          justified by its fruits

          cannot be grounded w/in empirical sc., i.e., explained: what exactly happens: why that works: ? relations to cs, hum sc, phil

                   method grounded in data of consciousness – transcendental method

--> justifies itself & all other methods

          build-in autonomy = build-in headlessness


impervious to extrinsicist philosophy

          α extrinsicist philosophy treats ? objects

          β sc. knows more about the objects, and does not cling to that knowledge, provisional

                   conquer hydra not by cutting off head – try heart

          γ philosophy has to ? via method, to do so it must be methodical

                                                = solve ‘critical’ problem