A New Anthropology
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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3 handwritten schematic pp. entitled 'A New Anthropology.' (This is one of the headings in A529.)


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Transcription by R. Doran of 53000D0E060: A New Anthropology


A New Anthropology


(1) H. Fries Handbuch theologischer Grundbegriffe


(2) Empirical method employed in the study of man


      --> complete explanation of all phenomena


      --> research: men of all times and places under all their aspects



      -->                  behavioral sciences: sensible data           distinctions & rel’ns

phenomenology                                                    problem of

                             Geisteswissenschaften: meaning               verification under

                                                                                                higher ?

                                                                                                e.g. operations


      --> interpretation: the meaning of the dream, symbol, monument, artifact, document, etc. behavioral scientist


      --> history: comparative, organic, genetic, dialectic methods


      --> criticism: application of the methods to the interpreters & historians

                             cf ?


(3) Static & dynamic views of the world of man

      Static (economists’ stationary state) constant change admitted to exist, but such change is not significant – significance resides in the realm of the necessary universal changeless per is certain true essential – besides it no doubt there exist the contingent particular changing per accidens probable – but plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – curiosity novelty superficiality – left to tisis, balance of power, ?

      Dynamic de facto intelligibility moves from more comprehensive to ever more detailed understanding of human phenomena – everywhere discerns [?] genesis, growth, development, trends, progress, new levels of achievement – its topic is ‘development’  cf Aristotle’s hexis, & Piaget’s adaptation: assimilation and adjustment.    


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(4) Discontinuity & continuity of theory & practice


     Discontinuity: any universal can be applied to any particular, but no step by step advance from more comprehensive to more detailed understanding

                   the ‘intelligible’ has a broader field than the ‘necessary’

          realm of abstract universal necessary changeless essential per se normative ideal

          realm of concrete particular contingent changing accidental per accidens

          empirical factual  

          theory speculation wisdom contemplation --> ivory tower

          practice experience prudence action --> marketplace, process[?], finance, government


          contradictory opposition: necessary – not necessary


     Continuity: no contradiction more comprehensive, more detailed understanding

          sociology --> social legislation, social workers

          economics --> socialism, ‘creeping’ socialism, advisors to govt, industry, finance

          psychology --> psychiatry, education, advertising, literary criticism, primitive culture/religion

          history --> destiny – (liberals, progress; Marxist, dialectical materialism)


(5) Standardized + Fluid, open socio-cultural v.p.s evaluations

          Language: literal & figurative

                   literal: satisfies logical mind & speech

                   figurative: simile metaphor synecdoche metonymy personification allegory hyperbole litotes etc.

                             genera litteraria: language (communication) floats between

                                      logical discourse and laws of affect& imagination

                                      literal figurative is a rationalization of the facts


          Art & literature: classics, masterpieces, realizations of perfection, Go then & do likewise

          romanticism [?] & subsequent movements Go then & do otherwise

                   concrete odd particular bizarre realistic fantastic


          Tradition: quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus: the deposit of necessary &  immutable wisdom, laws of human nature [?]


                   the wisdom  & folly, common sense & common nonsense, of our predecessors

                   up to us to surpass this wisdom, to correct their mistakes


                   gerontocracy (esp. mod. medicine), age of obstruction


          Classes, castes: the social order, guarantee of permanence, security, good behavior, ‘lex aeterna’     

                   social mobility – from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves 3 generations

                   career open to talent


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(6) History


Old history developed cultivated – learning erudition editions of texts, etc

          significance lies outside history in immutable laws of human nature

          deals w particular contingent accidental

          employed to illustrate exemplify instruct convince about immutable laws


New history – the temporal dimension in every field of the study of man – data are not just ‘present’ data

                   human society, institutions, cultures develop & decline

                   later take off from earlier achievement


          intelligibility is immanent in history – development as such is understood

                   this intelligibility is the key to the end product

                   understanding the history of a doctrine/institution/concept terminates at understanding the doctrine/institution/concept


          Such intelligibility is dynamic

                   in general up-do-date, out-of-date, are significant categories

                             acting in the world that exists, that no longer exists

                   development reveals essence, essence reveals possibility & impossibility

                             prudence of uomo universale

                                                man of experience          --> science of the expert


          overall intelligibility: liberals, progress – Marxists, dialectical materialism

                   -- cf ? nationalism, past glory

                   white man’s burden, manifest destiny, myth of the 20th century

                   enormous potential – Heilsgeschichte (sola scriptura)

                   [marginal:] Geschichte/Modern world/Historical dynamic


(7) Subjectivity Existenz


          Old: obscured – Aristotle – De anima – plants animals men

                   introspection as explicit technique is recent

                   obviated – to grasp necessary certain true universal is per se

                             not to grasp them is flying in face of reason/childhood of the race/? from decadence, sin, corruption


          subjectivity (? animus humanus per se ipsum cognoscit)

                   conversion – known by Augustine & effectively communicated

                   but the communication was personal ‘cor ad cor loquitur’

                   concerned man in classical style ‘prout sempiternis rationibus esse debeat’


          New: Immanentism & Relativism

                   Dynamism openness fluidity have taken over the world of man – Necessity has retired to a ? & ever smaller realm (tautology) – the ivory tower seems irrelevant – the locus of the individual & his personal myth


          if man chooses to be classicist, he will be in his standardized ghetto – choice provides its own verification


Dichotomy of theory practice --> dichotomy of Existenz History – Empirical method weak on norms