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Author: Lonergan, B.
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Decade: 1960
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1 page headed 'Operations.' Headings: Operational Analysis. Operational Synthesis

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I. Operational Analysis

                             1. undifferentiated operations = UO


                             2. differentiation of undiff op = DUO


of operations        3. combinations of DUO = CDUO


                             4. mastery of full range of CDUO: any combination can be

                                      performed / situation suggests relevant combination



                             immediate operation = no intermediary introduced between

development                  operation & object

of objects              mediated operations – dummy, intermediary introduced:

                                      image, spoken word, written word, abbreviations etc. ?

                                      generalized symbols: a b c, x y z, Cpq, models



                             control via objects: immed oper - experiment

development                                     mediated oper – Spelling, Grammar,

in control                                                    Math, Logic

                             control via operations – methods: formulated techniques –

                                                                                      end known

                                                                                 scientific method –

                                                                                      end intended/not? known

                                                                                 transcendental – foundations

                                                                                      of method

                             control via subject                   Existenz Authenticity


II. Operational Synthesis

                   cf. Mediation                  formalized group theory

                                                          1 operations are represented by symbols

                                                                   φ ψ etc.

                                                          2 symbols controlled by formalization