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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): Latin
Decade: 1960
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2 handwritten pp. Theology, mediation of object, mediation of subject. Dated April 23, from spring 1963 course De Methodo Theologiae.

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55900D0L060      April 23 (classes resume)


Theology is knowledge about God mediated by Christ and the Church. When knowledge is mediated by data qua data, we have natural science; by data as invested with meaning, we have human science; by data as invested with true meaning, we have theology.


Mediation of the object:


Ai       immediate human, religious, Christian living – die Wendung zur Idee

Bi       authors, tendencies, schools

Iijk      historical works

Fij      critical works


Mediation of the subject:


Descriptive: who, what, how, why, etc.

Explanatory: comparative: whether same or different

                   organic, synthetic [RD: replaces ‘complexiva’]: what is coherent

                   genetic: stages in organic growth and in developing synthesis

                   dialectic: radical oppositions

                             mutual influence

Judicative: where dialectical method is used, the investigator is willy nilly committed; otherwise Bultmann’s notion of science.


The next page is headed ‘Horizon’ with an arrow to ‘critica, iudicativa’ and with the following in parentheses: pole and field are correlative; pole is either originary or existential; authentic or inauthentic; inauthenticity is radical or derived; derived inauthenticity is either rationalization or obnubilation.


A Relative horizon: is different depending on psychological, social, cultural development [RD: again, this earlier was 'complexiva');


    Absolute horizon: is different depending on intellectual, moral, religious conversion.


B Horizon as in the object: categories which are to be determined from the data; horizon as in the subject: foundations, norms, methodical precepts.