MiT, chapter 1
Sku: 59200DTEL70
Archival Number: A592
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, Latin
Decade: 1970
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Photocopy of typescript of chap.1 of Method


Differences: pt 3, 6: no comma after `method,' ts 5,7: comma after `method'; pt 7, n. 2, bibliographical data on Insight and Collection more ample than in ts; pt 8,1: `is to be performed,' ts 12, 7: `are to be performed'; pt 8, -9: sentence `Its origin' is one sentence divided by semicolons, whereas in ts 13, 10, same words are three sentences; pt 13, end of first par. `moral pursuit of goodness, a' these words are added in different type on ts 19, -5; pt 21, 12: no comma after `theology' whereas in ts 31, 11: comma added, it seems, by hand after `theology,' though this is not signalled in margin; pt 25, 12: `metaphysics where, however,' is on ts 37, 4: `metaphysics, where however,'