The Total Context Of Action
Sku: 66300V0E070
Archival Number: TV 663
Author: Lonergan, B
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970

An interview conducted by Eric O’Connor at Thomas More Institute, 31 December 1971. The interview attempts to move on from lesser contexts of action (economic, political, etc.) that have been the subject of a course at Thomas More Institute, to the larger theological, spiritual, religious context. ‘Context’ is discussed by Lonergan as the weaving together of questions and answers. The total context is concerned with the universe. Are we the original instance of possible moral behavior, etc.? Is the universe alien to us, absurd? The question of religion is whether or not there is something intelligent, reasonable, responsible at the root of the universe. The ultimate context is established by the question of God, and the first part of the answer is God’s gift of grace, the gift of God’s love: independent of our questions, the source of further questions. It does not show on the surface, but there are ways of reading it. It is manifested in all the religions of humankind. Christianity adds the outward expression of God’s love in Christ Jesus. The discussion shifts to ideology, Enlightenment, tradition, the destruction of cultural heritage, the cumulative effect of both development and decline, etc. To meet decline in institutions, we must turn to self-sacrificing love, the process of redemption. There is no intelligible process that liquidates absurdity. Lonergan narrates the beginnings of his theory of history in 1937-38. Only conversion roots out absurdity, and at the root of conversion is God’s gift of God’s love. The conversation ends with a brief discussion of the Enlightenment’s views of religions. Editing and restoration by Greg Lauzon. Database and descriptions © Copyright 2017 by Robert M. Doran


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