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Sku: 73300DTE060
Archival Number: A733
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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Pp. 2-21 of a version of the chapter on Meaning. Corresponds to a great deal in Method chapter 3. Differences (pp. refer to text of Method): p. 58, l. 2: `that arouse the feeling'; 59, l. 13: `by borrowing a phenomenology of a smile largely from Suzanne Langer's Feeling and Form;' 61, l. 12: `Again I borrow from Suzanne Langer's Feeling and Form:' in fact, here too he's not borrowing from Langer. 61, l. 16: `indentations'; 61, l. 17: `gramaphone' crossed out, replaced by `phonograph'; 61, - 18: harmonies'; 62, -4: colon after `resolved'; 65, 2: `satisfaction' for `apology'; 67: note 3 is not in ts; 68: note 9 in ts has only reference to Lake, remainder from `In similar vein' is not in ts; 70, last two items of FN not in ts.

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