MiT 6 discards (Religion) 734
Sku: 73400DTE060
Archival Number: A734
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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MiT 6 was `Religion.' 1st item, 1-22 consecutive, plus intro page of outline. Part 1 is earlier version of Method 4, The Question of God. The next sec. is `Religious Values,' and refers back to 32 (`to this topic we return in Chapter Four'). Also to Insight's philosophical theology that takes one `no further than an intentional self- transcendence.' It then goes on to some items on 116-17 in pt (7. Faith). Should be quoted in CWL version. It takes up again the concern with secularization theology, as well as Xtian atheism. Sec. 4 is `Faith.' Treats various items--1st 2 pars. are same as in pt. Then total being in love, community, continuity of faith and reason, God as object. P. 1, with contents, lists a 5th section, Conversions and Breakdowns, not here (but see A735).

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