Chapter 9 of MiT: fragments 741
Sku: 74100DTEL60
Archival Number: A741
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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Title of chapter is `History and Dialectic.' Some pages have same material as in file 11. 38 pages in all. Pp. numbered 1(4), 2(2), 3, 6(2), 15(2), 16(3), 17, 21(4), 25, 26(4), 27(4), 31(4), 32(2). Marginal references again, obviously to several books. P. 16 switches the topic to `4. Dialectic: The Problem,' and moves directly into the issue of the presence or absence of the conversions. The second p. 16 takes this up in an interesting way: `Unless some solution is found for this problem [dialectically opposed horizons], theology can hardly claim to be an academic discipline.' P. 21 seems to go back to the issue in 739. The third p. 21 speaks of Heidegger's `endlessly subtle combination of positions and c-ps.' And see the 4th p. 21 for even more interesting comment. P. 26 and the first p. 27 have an earlier version of the start of L's response to MacKinnon--a must.

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