Doctrinal Pluralism fragments 763
Sku: 76300DTE070
Archival Number: A763
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970
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Fragments of `Doctrinal Pluralism'

Pp. numbered 21, 22(6), 34, 36, 35(2), 27. The last in a different typewriter--BL's later one.  Different from corresponding pp. in A761. `Pluralism and Conversion' is now # 5 rather than 6. The various pp. 22 are attempts to write the section on intellectual conversion.  The first 35 has some of the material lacking at the beginning of sec. 10 in A761. The second 35 confirms that `bearing witness' is correct on pt 58, - 2. The new 27 corresponds to pt's end of section 8. 

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