A New Pastoral Theology
Sku: 77100A0E070
Archival Number: CD/mp3 771
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970


The first of the Larkin-Stuart Lectures delivered at Trinity College, Toronto, November 1973. A published version can be found in CWL 17, Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965-1980, pp. 221-39. A few lines were lost in the audio as a result of changing tapes: see the bottom of p. 234 and the top of p. 235, where the following appears to fill in what is missing: 'Still, this patronage came with its own remedy. The more Aquinas was extolled, the greater the value and the importance of grasping exactly what he thought. There was begun a critrical edition of his works. Medieval Institutes fostered and spread the application to his writings of the best contemporary techniques in hermeneutics and history.'

Lonergan also gave the lecture in the 1974 Lonergan Workshop. A recording of that lecture will soon be found at 81100A0E070, and a transcript at 81100DTE070. Sponsored by
Sisters of St Joseph, in memory of Sr Claudette Loftus, C.S.J.


Three of the four Larkin-Stuart lectures were recorded: ‘A New Pastoral Theology’ (the first lecture), ‘Variations in Fundamental Theology’ (the second lecture), and ‘The Scope of Renewal’ (the fourth lecture). The third lecture in the series, ‘Sacralization and Secularization,’ was not recorded, but this lecture was delivered again at the 1974 Lonergan Workshop, and the recording of that version will soon be found at 81400A0E070.


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