Fragments toward a Seventh Chapter of De Deo Trino: Pars Systematica
Sku: 7880ADTE060
Archival Number: 7880A
Author: B. Lonergan
Language(s): English
Decade: 1960
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Among the more interesting items found among Bernard Lonergan’s archival papers is a set of fragments that belong to what was probably a series of attempts to write a seventh chapter of De Deo Trino: Pars Systematica. The chapter was entitled ‘De Nexu Mysteriorum’ (‘The Connection of the Mysteries).’ All of the fragments can be found on thes website. Most of them belong to item 78800DTL060, with several others being rejected pages that now serve as the reverse of other pages on which Lonergan wrote something he intended to preserve. Robert Doran has edited some of these fragments into a coherent unit, presented here. It also appeared in Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies ns 5:2 (Fall 2014) 1-21.



No transcription available.