Various metaphysical notions
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Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, Latin
Decade: 1940
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4 pp. in Lonergan's hand treating various metaphysical notions: Relation, substance-accident, change, etc.

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Change, substance, form, matter, etc. Various metaphysical notions.



[This item is completely handwritten; the numbers might indicate that it is a continuation of A07, Being something]


Transcription by R. Doran


10 Recall Pure Being

                   Being something

                              grades of being


11 Substance & accident

          Any substance

                   esse tale simpliciter

                   changes only w change of nature

          Accidents of action and passion           

                   esse tale scdm plus et minus      

                   Absolute only in minimum / absolute zero /absolute ignorance

                             / capacity[?] to know

                    [accidents] are in a category                

                             are not absolute in category because limitation of subject 

                   understand something                        

                   bright, loud, cold, hard, etc

          Spiritual accidents [not material nor conditioned by matter]

                   no possibility of numerical expression

                                                   for the plus et minus

          Material accidents

                   possibility of plus & minus expressed

                             numerically - so [?] numerical not


          Purely material activity = local motion

                                  passivity = quantity

Time           pure quantity is static continuum of purely

Mass                    numerical differences


                   pure local motion is dynamic continuum of

                             purely numerical differences

                                      change intelligible


                                      Newton’s first law


                             Material presence is the mutual

                                      possibility of purely material

                                      action & passion

                                      This possibility since material is

                                      scdm plus et minus

                             Measure of this possibility is interval

                             Number of objects that mutually stand

                                       at equal interval each to all others

                                      is number of dimensions of space-time

                             Space-time is material presence of a number

                                      of objects

                             Dimensionality is a limitation of space-time


12 [?] Relation

            esse simpliciter                      |

                     scdm plus et minus        |  absolute

            esse tale simpliciter               |

                     tale scdm plus et minus  |

  α Predicamental  esse ad  in regard to

                                                rationis: determined by thinking

                                                realis [?]: determining the                                                                                                thinking

                                                founded on esse   

                                                                    esse tale & hoc tale

                                                                    esse tale scdm plus et                                                                                          minus

                                                                             empirical    e.g.

                                                                             intelligible space-


β Transcendental

          What is not being but towards being

          Fruit of metaphysical analysis

          |         existence as such  

          |         essence                           towards being

          |         form                              



            Intelligible structure of reality



          within species not change of being

                     genus    as being

          outside genus  e.g. immaterial emergence under material


                                                being itself changes

Composition: several beings into one

                    : several revert[?] to potency

Dissolution: one being into several

                             potency reverts[?] to act

material being change to material being  H2+O-->W

material being changes to immaterial being

          impossible ergo transition through being as such


many material beings  ---> single form

          change substantial                   A (something absolute)

                                                           becomes B (something


          material being changes form A to form B

            1  Cosmic Dialectic of Forms -- potency of matter

            2  What changes is material being

            3  Problem of compositions  dissolutions

                             Being reduced to potency or changing

          spiritual being form emerges vanishes

                   Agere sequitur esse ergo ens spirituale

                   Matter not

                   Agent required that ‘attingit ens ut ens’

                   Forma infunditur non educitur



l4 Form: nature or intelligible ground for type of                                        limitation of action & passion

    Matter: principle of individuation for such a nature

                   i.e. such a nature: type of action

                             ergo many [?] such natures

                   why different? Matter  cf 8

    Real distinction of Matter & Form

                   Matter extrinsically intelligible

                   Form intrinsically intelligible

                   ergo real distinction


15  Essence: natura haec = matter plus form

                   intrinsically intelligible

                             form in itself

                             matter in form

    Existence: empirical cf 2

                   ergo real distinction


16  Substance esse tale simpliciter

    Accident esse tale scdm plus & minus

                   ergo real distinction

                   esse absolutum

                   esse ad

                   ergo real distinction


So much for main lines [?]