Lonergan’s typescript of MiT, Contents, Preface, Introduction
Sku: 80300DTE070
Archival Number: A803
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970
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This seems to be BL's own typescript (given to the typist in the summer of '70, sc. P.M.). Item has Contents, Preface, Introduction

Some differences from pt:

            -- There is no section `9. A Technical Note' in contents of ch. 4, and no `6. Conclusion' in contents of ch. 5.

            -- Sec. 4 of ch. 11 is called `Pluralism in Theology.'

            -- Last par. of Preface does not appear, nor footnote, and address and date are `March 24, 1971 Regis College, Willowdale, Ontario Canada.'

            -- pt xi, - 9: ts has comma after `practicality.' Last sentence of intro originally read: `But what additions or modifications need to be made for it to be suitable to those of other communions will have to be decided by them.'

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