Bernard Lonergan’s typescript of Method in Theology, chapter 4
Sku: 80800DTE070
Archival Number: A808
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970
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This seems to be BL's own typescript of chapter 4 of Method in Theology

Was called chapter Five at one point.

            -- pt 104, - 11: he's still calling `moral' `real.' I won't give every instance of this.

            -- Pt 107: BL had originally started to go into greater detail on sanctifying grace (see ts, p. 159)--this is important for RD's work.

            -- pt 111, n. 14: the ref. to R. May is not in ts at this point.

            -- pt 117, - 9: `quiet' is in ts `quieten'.

            -- 118, - 15: `pitfalls' is in ts `the pitfalls'.

            -- pt 123-24: last par. is not in ts.

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