Bernard Lonergan’s typescript of MiT, chapter 7
Sku: 81200DTE070
Archival Number: A812
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970
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BL's ts of MiT, chapter 7

155, 7: `by wholesale' is in ts `by a wholesale' (bis). 155, - 9: ts adds (crossed out): `Further, one may understand the object independently of the text, or one may come to understand the object through the text.' 158, n. 2: last sentence of note was added in BL's new typewriter. 165, 6: ts has (crossed out): `It will help clarify what I have been saying if I contrast the above position with Collingwood's.  First, then, my account of meaning and especially of meaning as a constitutive component in human living accords with his main views of human nature and human history.' 166, 19: ts has (crossed out): `First, then, there is always the distinction between the author's consciousness and his knowledge: the author always writes consciously; but to consciousness there has'.  172, 13: `come around is in ts `come round'. 172, -6: ts has `... but explanation, and by that I mean an intelligent construction of stages of meaning in human development, such as I attempted in chapter five, and further developments and corrections of that construction by exegetes that both understand the method we are proposing and can implement it still further by drawing on the treasures of their extensive and precise knowledge.' 

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