Verbum, early drafts
Sku: 85000DTEL40
Archival Number: A85
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English, Latin
Decade: 1940
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The Concept of Verbum in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas: pp. 1, 16-22, 60-72, 90-102, of a draft of "Aquinas on Verbum, I". English-Latin.  OCR.


Typescript. FEC notes: "I have no record as to when this came into my hands--My guess is that I received it in the summer of 1953. At any rate, I had had it for a good many years." This dated Dec. 8/72. See also A90, 92, 94, 95, for pp. 77, 75, 73, 74 (respectively) of the same draft.

This is a set of fragments of a draft of the verbum articles.

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